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Conversations with Commerce Trust Podcasts

How to Interpret the IRS Deadline Changes

Commerce Trust Company East Region Tax Manager Tom Bassett, J.D., CPA, addresses deferred IRS tax deadlines and other financial considerations for your 2019 return.

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March 25th Stock and Bond Market Update

A brief update from our Chief Economist Scott Colbert on the growing effect of stimulus programs, and a deeper dive into what’s going on in the tax-exempt municipal bond market from our Director of Municipal Bond Management Brian Musielak

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Market Turbulence Podcast 3/19

Listen as Commerce Trust Company’s Investment Policy Team discusses the turbulence in the market due to the coronavirus and oil crisis and where the economy is headed.

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2020 Market Outlook Podcast

Listen as Commerce Trust Company’s Chief Economist Scott Colbert discuss various topics related to the 2020 Market Outlook.

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